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How to Take Advantage of Fresh January Budgets Right Now

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In this webinar, ExecSense examines why the end of year is an important time to close deals that have been lingering in the pipeline and tee up other deals for 2014. Take the 60 minutes to view this webinar (on your computer, mobile phone, iPad or printed out) to discover what other highly successful business development and sales executives are doing this December to close the year with a bang and get a jump start on the year ahead. The webinar is led by an expert on the topic, Diane Helbig (President - Sieze This Day Coaching), and focuses on:

• Everything you need to know in 60 minutes about using the fresh budgets of January to create a positive attitude about your product or service – starting right now

• Learn how to add new services to boost existing contract values for the coming year; how to use filings of public companies to guesstimate new budgets for 2014; help customers “ear mark” new funds for your product or service

• Answers to the ten questions most asked about understanding the budgeting process and how to use it to your advantage before the end of the year; 4 sure fire ways to get your product or service to be seen as a top budget priority

• Specific case studies of how other executives are using December to tee up business for a highly successful start to 2014

Upon ordering, you will gain instant access to this webinar on your computer, mobile phone, iPad, or Kindle. Take advantage of your next commute, lunch, or free hour in your schedule to view this webinar at your own convenience.

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Add to Cart Option 1: Instant Access Available Upon Purchase – $250.00 Per Attendee
Upon purchase you will have access to this webinar for an entire year. View this online course on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android device or printed out. Access to this webinar is included with either subscription package below.
Add to Cart Option 2: Access All Business Development & Sales Webinars for 1 Year - $500.00
Webinar subscription includes access to the webinar featured on this page as well as to the world's largest collection of online courses. ExecSense webinars are designed specifically for Business Development & Sales Executives and cover every hot topic, business skill, new technology and emerging trend that will keep you in-the-know and up-to-date for an entire year. Some of our most popular webinars include: 

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for Business Development & Sales Executives
  • iPad Tips, Tricks & Best Apps for Business Development & Sales Executives
  • What Business Development & Sales Executives Need to Know Before Renewing Their Healthcare Plan
  • Updating & Improving Business Development & Sales Executive Compensation & Bonus Structures 
  • Business Development & Sales Executive Best Practices for Positioning Your Company to be Acquired
  • Plus hundreds more specifically for Business Development & Sales Executives… 
Add to Cart Option 3: Access All Webinars + 1,000 Most Important eDocs, Financial Models & Best Practices eBooks for 1 Year - $1,000.00
Premium subscription includes access to the webinar featured on this page as well as to the world's largest collection of over 1,000 ready-to-use resources specifically for Business Development & Sales Executives (a $5,000 value). New resources are being added daily, including:

eDocuments - Featuring the most up-to-date versions of key contracts, manuals & ready-to-use “best practices” templates
eBooks - 10-50 page case studies written by the world's top Business Development & Sales Execs on how they handle current problems & opportunities
Podcasts - 5-20 minute audio clips on news, trends, business skills & hot topics impacting Business Development & Sales Execs right now
Webinars - Access online Business Development & Sales courses with new relevant webinars being produced weekly
Decision Making Tools - Financial models most used by Business Development & Sales Execs that are ready to be used & customized in MS Excel
Contract Analysis - Over 100 key contracts dealt with by Business Development & Sales Execs, line-by-line analysis, and the most up-to-date negotiation strategies
Case Studies - Insightful reads on recent news and success stories allowing you to stay current and up-to-date as a Business Development & Sales Executive

Upon becoming a subscriber, you will receive priority registration to all upcoming webinars as well as access to all previous webinars. You will also receive a weekly email notifying you of newly accessible eBooks, eDocuments, Podcasts and upcoming Webinars specifically for Business Development & Sales Executives.

Add to Cart Option 4: Access All of the Above + ExecSense Business Development & Sales Research Reports & Peer Surveys for 1 Year - $2,500.00
Tap into the knowledge and best practices of thousands of Business Development & Sales Executives and how they are handling new issues, challenges and opportunities. The data and analysis in these reports is meant to provide ideas for you and your team to save time and money on high-impact areas of focus. Upcoming reports include: 

Upcoming Research Reports Include:  
2013 Healthcare Cost Reducer: Experts Share Strategies for Reducing Healthcare Costs, Changes for 2013, and Compare Plans for Companies of All Sizes

The Business Development & Sales Compensation Survey: A Look at How Business Development & Sales Execuitves are Updating & Improving Their Compensation & Bonus Plans 
The Business Development & Sales Team Manual– A Compilation of the Most Up-to-Date Policies, Resources & Documents Other Business Development & Sales Execuitves Make Available for Their Team 
Top 100 Business Development & Sales Challenges for 2013 – An Inspiring Report Full of Countless Ideas for How to Solve Current Business Development & Sales Challenges 
Top 100 Business Development & Sales Opportunities for 2013 – Best Practices, Case Studies, Growth Plans, Unique Business Models & More for Growth, Profits & Success in 2013

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