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Updating & Improving COO and Operations Team Compensation & Bonus Structures

In Updating & Improving COO and Operations Team Compensation & Bonus Structures for 2011 ExecSense examines specific options for improving the compensation plan of the COO and entire operations team that provide benefits for both the company and the COO and his/her team, while also being looked on positively by the CEO. Take the 60 minutes to view this webinar (on your computer, mobile phone, iPod, iPad, Kindle or printed out) to update your knowledge on how and why other COOs and companies are updating their compensation plans, and learn about specific options and incentives that will benefit you and the company the most in the long run. The webinar also highlights important new changes to salary, bonus, equity and specific incentives that other COOs and operations teams are receiving that are critical to be aware of before your next review or compensation discussion.

Upon ordering, ExecSense will email you a link to download the webinar files for viewing on your computer, mobile phone, iPod, iPad, Kindle or printed out. The downloaded files will include the PowerPoint presentation, audio narration and jpeg images of the slides (for watching on your mobile media device). Take advantage of your next commute, flight, business trip, lunch, or free hour in your schedule to view this webinar.

The webinar is led by two experts at helping COOs and operations employees update their compensation and bonus plans, Alfred Klein (Prinicpal, Rodi Pollack) and Bruce Stone (Principal, StoneTalpert), and focuses on:

• Everything you need to know in 60 minutes about why COOs are updating their compensation plans and the benefits achieved for the operations team, the COO and the company as a whole

• Specific updates to compensation structures that should be made for COOs and operations teams (including key provisions tied to goals for the operations team, goals for the company as a whole, tiered bonuses, deferred compensation, and equity incentives)

• The 10 questions being asked the most by COOs about updating and improving their (and their overall operations team) compensation and bonus plans and why now is a good time to do this

• Tips and techniques for the best ways to broach the topic of updating your compensation plan with the appropriate person at your company, how doing so can cost the company very little if specific goals are achieved, and how it is in the best interests of everyone involved

• The most up-to-date case studies of compensation plans of other COOs and their operations teams, how they improved their compensation and incentive plans, and important lessons learned that you and your team can immediately capitalize on

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- How to Create a Personal Brand as a COO in 2012
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- iPad Tips, Tricks & Best Apps for COOs
- Establishing 2012 Goals for Your Operations Team
- Updating & Improving COO Compensation & Bonus Structures for 2012
- COO Best Practices for Advising Your CEO & Board of Directors in 2012
- How to Best Handle Difficult Conversations as a COO
- And hundreds more webinars specifically for COOs…

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