Your Leadership Potential

Who We Are

We are a 12 year old New York based education service part of the Financial Times Group Limited. We are part of its Education Services and operated within the New York Institute of Finance with whom we share expertise and resources. A team of dedicated digital and education professionals. Passionately working to make sure our members get the exact advice they need to be more successful.

What We do

We enable the success of curious and dedicated business leaders at companies big and small. Our members improve their soft and hard skills.Plus those of their teams, on demand, as they need to, where they need it, instantly. We source and create lessons for the C-suite to help them develop their approaches to strategic, tactical and operational issues coming thick and fast every day. We help CEO’s CFO’s, CTO’s CMO’s, CIO’s, and VP’s of all departments think around the blockers in business to achieve their goals. In an ever changing world filled with fast moving disruption, our on-demand access to over 400 experts in their field is an imperative to decision making today.

Our Customers

From a CEO of a small manufacture to a CMO of a large international software company, we serve leaders of organisations big and small. Our members learn everyday on their own schedule using the ExecSense service. On their mobiles and computers, in their cars and on public transport. They also share their learning with their own teams and use the shared lessons as catalyst for positive change and growth in their organisation. Just one good lesson acted on can enable a CEO to improve their strategy, lower their costs, motivate their team and generate more sales. Our members know time is a scarce resource and they invest it in education that returns a big impact on their success.

Executive Training.
Anytime, Anywhere.

To become a successful leader you need to possess expert knowledge in how to be innovative and competitive in the business world. ExecSense is where CEOs, CFOs, and other senior leaders go for trusted advice.