Global Leadership: How to Work Effectively with India

Learn how to effectively manage your team and projects in India.
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Format 60 Minute Lesson
Chapters 10
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Course Description

In this lesson, RW³ CultureWizard and ExecSense examine Indian business culture and how to flourish in a foreign market. Learn about core Indian values and their massive impact on business behavior.

This 10-chapter lesson is led by an expert on the topic, Laxmi Chaudhry (Director – 1 Stop HR), and focuses on the expectations of India’s diverse, multi-generational workforce and the primary characteristics of working life in one of the world’s largest markets.

In 60 minutes, executives will learn:

  • Where the roots of Indian business culture lie and why relationships, clear corporate hierarchies, and subtle social interactions must be understood and harnessed for success
  • How to use a gap analysis to determine what specific things you can do to increase your effectiveness in Indian workplaces and what challenges you might face
  • A comprehensive breakdown of the differences in the roles of managers in India and the West, including how they handle processes, their levels of involvement in projects, and what expertise they’re expected to have
  • A list of the makers (taking an interest in history and culture, combining business and personal topics, having local knowledge) and breakers (showing impatience, being competitive, boasting, being inflexible) in business relationship management in India
  • How cultural differences impact communication styles in India; a step-by-step guide to strategically using email, teleconferencing, and face-to-face meetings effectively in that market

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ExecSense Speaker

Laxmi Chaudhry
Director, 1 Stop HR
Human Resources, Cross-Cultural Competence

ExecSense_Laxmi Chaudhry

Laxmi Chaudhry has over 30 year’s international experience in strategic and operational Human Resources and many years as a Cross-Cultural Specialist and Trainer.

View More

Laxmi was HR Director for The McGraw-Hill Companies (US multinational) for UK/Europe and then for Asia Pacific for 14 years. Laxmi has conducted training and spoken at several conferences in Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, UK as well as in India and Singapore plus remotely to participants worldwide. She has worked with global organizations in a very wide range of sectors.

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