The Exit Planning Playbook

Start Planning Your Exit Strategy with these 4 Lessons!

Lesson 1: Choose an Exit Strategy

  • Know your options when it comes to exit strategies: liquidation, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, mergers, strategic acquisitions, and IPOs.

  • Get an overview of the systematic steps for exit planning including how to define your exit, write an exit plan, assemble a M&A team, and more.

  • Find out the specific business characteristics that appeal to particular buyer profiles, and why and how setting goals can ensure you get the best deal possible.

Lesson 2: Communicate Your Strategic Plan to Stakeholders

  • Learn a simple framework to ensure you’re effectively communicating and engaging your company’s stakeholders from the beginning.

  • Clearly articulate your strategic vision both on paper and in person using proven storytelling techniques.

  • Know the most important things to consider when speaking to all groups and team members, and how to get your key stakeholders excited about the future of the business.

Lesson 3: Position Your Company for an Exit

  • Get a comprehensive overview of mergers, acquisitions, and other potential exit strategies, including a detailed look at the financial and legal sides of each strategy and how they would impact management, employees, and investors/shareholders.

  • Assemble an advisor team that will provide you with objective advice and help your company to scout the marketplace, identify future and current risks, grow revenue and profits, open doors to potential buyers, and more.

  • Know when to start succession planning, how to get your Board and key members to make succession planning a priority, and how to assess and select your successor.

Lesson 4: Understand the IPO Process

  • Understand the IPO process and all the steps it takes to bring a stock to market including, getting your company ready for an IPO, as well as creating, marketing, pricing, and distributing your stocks.

  • An easy-to-apply timeline that will guide you through every step of issuing an IPO or direct public offering (DPO)—from entertaining issuer pitches to executing on your agreement.

  • Learn why public offerings are changing, and how DPOs or “Dutch Auction” offerings differ from traditional IPOs.

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