How to Drive Business Transformation through Technology

Learn how to keep your business growing in the digital age by keeping up with the latest technology trends.
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Format          60 Minute Lesson
Chapters       6
Skill Level     New to Topic
Audience      C-Suite
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Course Description

In this lesson, ExecSense and CTM of Columbia University examine the evolution of the “digital halo” in the wake of the “internet-of-me” explosion. Take the 60 minutes to view this session to learn how the best CIOs are facing digital disruption and the changing consumption patterns.

This 6-chapter lesson is led by expert Steve Bandrowczak (President of Sutherland Global Services) and focuses on how millennial consumer habits are different, the 3 ways CIOs react to disruption, and learning to take effective action in difficult times.

In this 60-minute session, CIOs will learn:

  • An in-depth explanation of the “digital halo,” the evolution of demand-to-consumption patterns, and the “internet of me,” and why the IT community is in a position to drive solutions that ultimately spark business transformation
  • An analysis of recent economic trends and the increasing influence of disruptors on industries, technologies, and the world at large; why knowledge management and behavioral science have changed the way major companies operate
  • The importance of automation on future technological development, measuring business outcomes, providing on-demand, customizable, and scalable services, and omni-channel offerings
  • How to change your corporate and IT cultures to match contemporary trends by reverse mentoring, cultivating leadership, empowering women at the highest levels, harnessing automation, creating urgency, and communicating more effectively
  • A comprehensive breakdown of the new business paradigms in value addition, customer experience, insights, and business solutions

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ExecSense Speaker

Steve Bandrowczak

Steve Bandrowczak
President, Sutherland Global Services

Expertise: Global Business

Steve Bandrowczak oversees the charter to drive business transformation for the Enterprise Services business to leverage technical and process solutions.

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He is driven by the Enterprise Services IT (ESIT) approach, which is characterized by the 10/10 rule, focusing on providing solutions that either increase the ES business revenue by 10% or increase margin by 10%.

Bandrowczak has more than 30 years of experience as an IT professional. He has held senior IT leadership positions for various multi-billion dollar global companies, including Avaya, Nortel, Lenovo, DHL, and a privately owned SAP consulting company.

In 2004, Bandrowczak was named one of the Top 100 CIOs by Computerworld. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Long Island University.

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