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Free Preview: Creating Your Personal Brand [Transcription]

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this ExecSense webinar. Our speaker for the webinar is Jon Michail. Good afternoon Jon it’s nice to have you.

Good afternoon. Welcome to everybody.

Jon Michail is the CEO of Image Group International, Australia’s leading personal brand image advisory and coaching organization. Supporting individuals and organizations … and monetize their personal and corporate brands. He’s the past winner of the prestigious international Image Maker of the Year USA Award, as well as the Hong Kong Bank Business Award for export services, along with many other business and marketing achievements. Jon Michail is the author of the best-selling book ‘Life Branding’ and is regarded worldwide as the image advisors advisor.

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Over the last 23 years Image Group international has provided a range of services with in-house workshops, public seminars, and confidential one-on-one coaching sessions to the Who’s Who of the business, political, sport, and entertainment world. As you can see from the next slide, here are a few examples of some of their clients including HP, Microsoft, Honda, Google, Goldman Sachs, Singapore Airlines, and Merrill Lynch, and an example of some of the areas that they have been featured in including CNN, Financial Review, SF Chronicle, CNBC, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce Jon Michail.

Hello everybody. It’s certainly great to be here today presenting to you our workshop, and hopefully you guys will gain a lot of new insights, and more importantly, at the end of the session, put of some of these great ideas into action. Let’s start our workshop by, I suppose, looking at the aspects of what the economy looks like and some of the opportunities that come from some of the subjects we’re going to be sharing with you.

The first area I think we’ve got to concentrate is the global marketplace and what opportunities that exist from that. Overall, we live in a highly competitive and turbulent world and the opportunities that exist certainly are, from our perspective, the biggest and the greatest in history. From that and the constant change that is happening means that at times we have to reinvent ourselves to stay relevant.

We’re also at a time in history where we can leverage our personal brand via technology and create possibility like no other time in history. We’re at a great place in history to really leverage opportunities that may not have existed in the past. Your personal brand will certainly impact your corporate brand no different to how it’s certainly done the same thing for Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, and of course many others. Without sounding cliché what we say is you are the CEO of Me Unlimited so you’re one of the potentially the greatest brand that has never been branded.

This is an opportunity really to get some new information and more importantly put it into action. Of course, along the way we’ll show you some case studies as well that will be part of our supplement information at the end. Certainly, let’s get started into this concept called personal branding.

What we’re saying is you specifically in your life have got all these great historical concepts: work experience, life experience, education, and so on. What we’re saying is, at times, you’re missing out on getting this whole piece out into the marketplace and potentially you’re not stacking the odds in your favor.

Personal brand overall is a concept. In this case the personal brand is you and what personal branding is, is the process of getting this information out to the world. Of course, what we’re going to discuss today is how do you do that off-line and partly online as well. As you can see the holistic approach it’s about you but it’s also about getting the messages out and we call that the process.

What is personal branding? Let me explain what personal branding is. Like I just mentioned, specifically personal branding is a set of images that live in people’s minds. What that means is your head, my head, everyone’s head these images exist. It’s our job to make these images congruent to the personal brand that we desire for the world to see. There is numerous aspects of a personal brand that need attention and we will cover many of them today.

What is, again, personal brand? What it really is it’s you in all its glory but most likely it might not have been presented that way especially if you haven’t had the process in play creating the branding. The branding what it is, is of course in recent times we had BusinessWeek say specifically that politicians, so do marketers, and possibly your boss, and coworkers. If you don’t take control of your brand you’ll be forever stuck with how the world judges you. What this indicates, of course, is now is the time for you to take control of that especially if you feel, at times, that all the opportunities and possibilities have not actually come your way for whatever reason. Even if they have this is about actually maximizing and leveraging beyond what you already have. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing and we’ve already expressed at the outset that there’s a lot of successful people that have already done this so this is not something that’s brand new. This is already what’s happening and has been happening for a long time. Examples of that of course from the celebrity [be it 06:33] to of course business.

Success doesn’t happen by accident. How many executives I’ve worked with over the years a lot of them, basically, do become successful and of course they create amazing abundant wealth out there but at times they might have used some of these techniques and at times may not have used any at all, although, certainly very few. The reality is the world is changing and technologies are allowing people to do this a lot easier today than, maybe, in the past. We see that is a great concept from the point of view of certainly leveraging the opportunities that might not have existed as easily in the past.

Why would you want to do this? I mentioned that, again, earlier it’s because we think you’re one of the greatest brands that has never been branded. That’s certainly our positioning statement around that. It’s something to consider because the reality is today’s world is all about, basically, careers and careerism as part of that is of course people in their careers are marked as brands. Personal branding is the process that actually does that. I just thought I’d explained that on the outset to give us a little bit of clarity. Of course the benefits of [inaudible 08:00] is actions in reference to yourself is, basically, the wins are very obvious and clear here. It’s just a matter of actually putting it into action and, of course, the sooner you do that the sooner you’ll be able to see some of the outcomes.

What are some of the domains? Basically, to get us started it starts from first impressions. In our concept we start with first impressions, we cover into mindset, we go into some of the X factors, how to find opportunities, and of course in the sales and execution of that, the networks, the positioning of the brand, and the support system. Where we’re going is all domains where there’s an opportunity for you to leverage and maximize.

Let’s start off with first impressions. If you have a look at this particular image you’ve got 2 stones left and right that, basically, have a totally different perception. One, you could argue, looks fairly rough, fairly unpolished, and has limited value. The other one, on the other side has a new look, has a sparkle, is certainly polished, and has a potential totally different value from the one on the left. What you’ve got here is really the same stone that’s actually been polished in the way that brings a new value. This is at times unfortunate but that’s the reality. We would argue, at times, people are valued in similar ways but, of course, they’re never told that. Part of first impressions is to get the perception right, certainly, as close as you can to reality because this is what’s known as brand congruence.

ExecSense Speaker

Jon Michail
CEO, Image Group International
Personal & Corporate Branding

As Group CEO of Image Group International, Jon and his team strategically work with individuals and their businesses to monetize their personal and corporate brands.

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Established in 1989, Image Group International is an award-winning global team of practical, digitally savvy personal brand and personal brand image strategists with the ‘runs on the board’.

Jon’s accomplished clients include Fortune 500 brands like BHP Billiton, PWC, Kellogg’s, IBM, HP, HSBC, LVMH, AT&T, GE, Disney and AFL have all used our services.

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