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ExecSense Membership Reviews

  • "Dynamic & up-to-date resource."

    -Tina Ferguson, CEO, Rapid Success Partners

  • "The knowledge that I continue to gain from ExecSense is incredible and is an invaluable resource for any industry executive."

    -Steve Levine, CEO, SplashTacular Waterslides

  • "Well organized, well articulated, and easy to follow...the webinar I attended was the best virtual learning experience I've had in quite some time."

    - Brian K. Moore, HR Communications, Humana

  • "...convenient and on-point. A notification in my inbox one day, the next day I am listening to an intelligent discussion on a very relevant subject."

    -Meghan Wulff, Focus Management Group

  • "Concise and to-the-point information presented by experts in the subject matter discussed."

    -John W Johnson, II Partner , Christian & Small LLP

  • "If it's up to the minute information that you need, go with ExecSense."

    -Christopher J. Dow, Hunsucker Goodstein & Nelson

  • "Excellent analysis of the objectives."

    -Donald J. Moran, Pedersen & Houpt

About ExecSense

ExecSense, a service from the Financial Times, is the world's largest publisher of professional webinars, eBooks, eDocuments and podcasts, producing 1,000+ new programs every year and replaying... Read More

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  • Over 34 Countries
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  • Accenture, Chevron, Exxon Mobil
  • Costco, Wells Fargo, Visa, Intel
  • Johnson & Johnson, Oracle, Siemens