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The World's Largest Publisher of eLearning Webinars, eBooks & Podcasts for Business Executives

ExecSense, a service from the Financial Times, is the world's largest publisher of professional webinars, eBooks, eDocuments and podcasts, producing 1,000+ new programs every year and replaying thousands of others from our vast library of digital thought leadership. ExecSense enables executives to be in-the-know on the most important skills, new best practices, hot topics, and technologies that impact their specific profession, in a schedule-friendly format that is easily viewable on their computer, mobile phone, iPod, iPad, Kindle, and 22 other types of devices. ExecSense webinars have been attended by C-Level executives in over 34 countries, partners at more than 90% of the largest 200 law firms, and C-Level executives from companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Oracle, Siemens, Amazon.com, Accenture, HP, Kraft, UPS, Nike, Mayo Clinic, Wells Fargo, Visa, Humana, Whole Foods, Intel, Standard & Poors, Kaiser Permanente, Pepsico and thousands of other leading companies.

Studies show more and more professionals are turning to webinars and other digital resources for their training and eLearning, and ExecSense is where they turn for highly targeted, "need-to-know" information on topics that impact their specific professions and webinars that don't feature biased information due to sponsorships or advertisers. In addition, ExecSense programs often include supplemental eDocuments in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, that are "ready-to-use," e.g. a webinar on "How to Create a Social Media Policy for Your Company" includes a sample social media policy in Microsoft Word that attendees can customize while listening to the webinar, ask questions of the speaker (a leading labor/employment lawyer) during the webinar, then when the webinar is complete, they have a document they can immediately implement at their company.

ExecSense webinars and eBooks are authored by professionals handpicked by the ExecSense editorial board due to their expertise on a specific topic and never feature sponsors or advertisements. ExecSense webinar and eBook topics are consistently rated the best in the industry due to our level of specificity and how we relate the impact of each topic to one specific profession.

ExecSense, a service from the Financial Times, is headquartered in San Rafael, California, founded in 2006 by Jonathan Aspatore.


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